Envío gratis 50pcs 688 POM de plástico de bolas de ranura profunda rodamientos 8x16x4mm con bolas de vidrio

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Free shipping 50pcs 688 POM plastic deep groove ball bearing 8x16x4mm with glass balls

Plastic bearing inner and outer rings, are high strength nylon POM plastic cage for the high-performance resin, the middle is glass ball can be used in wet or water!This product is made in Shanghai, good quality, high accuracy, corrosion resistance strong!A stable operation (such as a humid environment, alkaline liquid) at higher temperatures special occasions 2 good self-lubricating and wear resistance without lubrication / oil 3 No metal pollution, environmental security.It can be used in food processing 4 rigid, high hardness, good elasticity at low temperatures, high impact strength 5 lightweight non-rusting non-magnetic electrically insulating POM and PA material with good mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, suitable for the production of more sophisticated plastic bearings, operating temperature from -60 degree ~ 100 degree, high strength and smooth surface, basically no tension, its good self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction, while maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings on the basis of precise and can be applied to high speed operation (external pressure is small).Wherein POM plastic bearings plastic bearings in all the most widely used one, the general material used inside and outside the ball POM or PA, cage glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25).Ball of the glass ball, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls, bearing alkaline environments such good performance but not for corrosion in acidic environments to run and strong oxidizing agents.

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Capacidad De Par 1
material De ACERO
Revestimientos De ACERO
Jaula PA(Poliamida)
La Rugosidad De La Superficie Ra 1.6
Número De Modelo 688

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